Season 1, Episode 5 

Magnificent Mujer:

Nicole Ramos Esq.

Please join me Enrique Morones and tune in to our latest episode of our new podcast, “Buen Hombre -Magnificent Mujer”, where I will be interviewing Nicole Ramos, Esq. 

This will be the first episode that will feature one half (the first half) in English, and the second half in SPANISH.  This seems especially fitting as Nicole Ramos is the director of Al Otro Lado an organization that is dedicated to the rights of immigrants and that this podcast features the work of humanitarian activists working on the San Diego Tijuana border.

Nicole Ramos is the Director  of Al Otro Lado’s Border Rights Project. The project provides legal orientation to migrants in Tijuana, Mexico who wish to present themselves to U.S. authorities to seek asylum, conducts daily human rights monitoring at the port-of-entry, and engages in broader legislative, medial, and legal advocacy to challenge systemic human rights violations committed by state actors. Outside of Al Otro Lado, Nicole frequently serves as a guest lecturer at law schools, universities, professional associations, and community groups across the country.   

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Nicole Ramos, Esq.



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