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Please tune in to check out Enrique Morone’s interview with Beatrice Zamora. Beatrice is an Aztec dancer, a community organizer, mother, environmentalist, cook, and very a published children’s book author under her own press.  Keep your eyes on this Chicana she’s stirring a lot of pots and we are so excited to see what she is cooking up next.


Current Episode:

Magnificent Mujer Beatrice Zamora Aguilar

Season 1, Episode 25

Dancer, Writer, Community Organizer, Mentor

Beatrice Zamora is a retired educator who has been an active community supporter for over 40 years. She is a published author who has compiled stories that depict Chicano/Mexican-American and Native American history. Beatrice has written this book as a tribute to the land struggle of a community called Logan Heights in San Diego, California. She believes that Chicano Park is a symbol of inspiration for all- a vibrant example of resilience and self-determination. The story’s main message is about community and civic activism and respect for the earth – two values the author holds close to her heart.

As an educator, Beatrice understands the importance of reading literature from diverse cultures. She believes children must be able to connect with the characters in the story and when children see themselves depicted in the stories they develop a relationship with the book and the joy of reading. This story is written in Spanish and English as a means of improving communication, but also demonstrating the importance of multi-language development.


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Enrique Morones

Enrique Morones

Sarah Bella

Sarah Bella

Enrique Morones is a Human Rights activist born in San Diego to Mexican parents who instilled in him a deep love for Mexico, spiritual faith and social justice.  He is driven by the passage “for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink.” Matthew 25:35

Enrique has a history of firsts—In 1998 he was the first person to be granted dual citizenship with Mexico, the first president of the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Vice President in Major League Sports with the San Diego Padres bringing the first ever regular season games outside the US/Canada, the President and Founder of House of Mexico and President and Founder of Border Angels (saving migrant lives), an all volunteer group.

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