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 Please tune in today to check out Enrique Morone’s interview with Vivian Moreno. This Councilwoman for San Diego’s 8th district is passionate about honoring her Mexican roots and heritage and creating opportunities for residents of her district to create beautiful, healthy, and prosperous lives within the neighborhoods that fall under her jurisdiction. Her professional career has developed from nurturing great relationships with elder local representatives such as David Alvarez. Her success comes from taking the advice of mentors who guided her, as she now strives to guide younger women on their paths in social and public service. 

Current Episode:

Magnificent Vivian Moreno

Season 1, Episode 24

Councilwoman, Mentor, Democratic Party Chair

As a young woman Vivian Moreno saw her future in the Foreign Service. Traveling is a huge passion of hers, in college she studied political science with an emphasis on International Relations and Latin American Studies. She can proudly claim to have visited 27 countries, she loves traveling, and the value of collecting stamps on her passport has outweighed the desire for a luxury vehicle. There are no car payments necessary to pay off her 2007 Mazda i3. That extra cash is stowed away for plane trips and checking off countries from her bucket list. 


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Enrique Morones

Enrique Morones

Sarah Bella

Sarah Bella

Enrique Morones is a Human Rights activist born in San Diego to Mexican parents who instilled in him a deep love for Mexico, spiritual faith and social justice.  He is driven by the passage “for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink.” Matthew 25:35

Enrique has a history of firsts—In 1998 he was the first person to be granted dual citizenship with Mexico, the first president of the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Vice President in Major League Sports with the San Diego Padres bringing the first ever regular season games outside the US/Canada, the President and Founder of House of Mexico and President and Founder of Border Angels (saving migrant lives), an all volunteer group.

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