Season 1, Episode 12


Dave Adelson

Humanitarian, Media Activist, Ultimate Frisbee Enthusiast,
Scientist Teacher

This week’s Buen Hombre podcast features none other than frisbee throwing, border bypassing, heartful media activist and philanthropist, adjunct professor of life science at East Los Angeles College and the LA Throwback Foundation founder and executive director, Dave Adelson.  David began his professional career as a microbiologist and neurophysicist in LA where he was raised. While peering under microscopes he was an avid listener to progressive Pacifica public radio and soon saw the immediacy and relevancy of community based media activism. A founder of , the first site on the net for showcasing broadcast quality audio productions from community and independent producers, he fervently believes to this day, “It’s not enough to know what’s right, we have to talk about whatever actions we can take.”

Taking heartfelt action is a theme that runs through all of Dave’s activities from founding Throwback LA, an ultimate frisbee based recreational organization with an urgent social justice agenda,  to launching the Expressions from the Border Art Exchange Experiences connecting communities across the border from refugee families in detention centers to communities throughout Southern California and beyond, to cleaning up toxic waste sites near detention centers in Tijuana.  Dave grew up in a Jewish family and in this interview with Enrique Morones he highlights the parallels between extreme anti immigrant sentiments, and even a sense of wide spread ambivalence the plight of refugees at our borders in the USA and the momentum in Nazi Germany that led to the Holocaust. He warns us that no one thought ambivalence towards extremist behaviours could lead to the execution of millions of Jews but it did.  Dave urges us all to take an action that will make our world a kinder and more friendly place, or an action that resonates with something we hold dear. 

We are sure you will be as inspired by this interview as we were. 


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Enrique Morones

Dave Adelson

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