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Buen Hombre: Jesus Nebot

Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Activist & Inspirational Speaker

Omkari Williams is an activist, artist, fundraising professional and storytelling creative who emerged from a family lineage and heritage  of African and Afro-American leaders in the fields of education, law, humanitarianism and activism across both sides of the Atlantic.  Her first incarnation in this life was a New York stage actress whose audiences weren’t broadway stages but regional hospitals and special populations with disabilities. Her next major career move was as to transform herself into a high powered Washington political fundraiser where she learned how the most powerful need powerful stories and lots of funding to get reelected. Disillusioned with the over emphasis on money machine in Washington she moved on to mentor grassroots activists across the globe on communicating their unique story as a strategy for building their own movements. Today Omkari Williams is an acclaimed storytelling coach, mentor, speaker and podcaster.   

Omkari is a sought after speaker internationally on issues related to social, economic and racial justice, gender equality, womens issues, abortion rights, feminism, self healthcare and spiritual fulfillment.   She is the newest member of the Gente Unida Board.

For Omkari, “Being an activist means that you are someone who takes consistent action, whether in front of the scenes or way behind the scenes, to advance a cause that you are passionate about. For me the size of the action isn’t the point, what matters is that you are regularly taking action to make a difference. That’s my definition of activism.”

The two major influences of Omkari’s life was her father’s influential legacy as a powerful Black Humanitarian Activist and on being a black woman herself in the context of life in the US and what that means in terms of being a Black woman and having to work twice as hard to achieve anything close to professional status and the challenges of inclusion at all levels of society.

For over the 30 years Omkari has been helping others tell their stories through her role as community actor, then political fundraiser, and grassroots activist, mentor and host of the podcast, “Stepping Into Truth”:

“Knowing that I’m really good at leveraging story to advance social justice causes has led me to take actions such as organizing abortion speak-outs, advocating for those without the ability to speak for themselves, e.g., children and undocumented people, and to teach others how to do the same.”

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