Season 1, Episode 4 

Rigo Reyes

As Via International Community Development Director, Rigo Reyes develops and coordinates community engagement and leadership training for residents in marginal areas of San Diego and Tijuana and manages our Border Immersion program for students visiting San Diego.

He is a long-time social justice advocate whose work is rooted in early childhood experiences growing up on the U.S.-Mexico border, attending United Farm Workers of America rallies and listening to Cesar Chavez while playing marbles. When he was 12-years-old he rode his bike 17 miles each way from his San Ysidro neighborhood to San Diego’s Logan Heights to witness the land take-over of Chicano Park, and has been a strong community empowerment advocate ever since.

Reyes has been a member of the Chicano Park Steering Committee for nearly four decades, has been lowriding since the mid-1970s, and is a founding member of the Amigos Car Club.

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Enrique Morones

Rigo Reyes


About This Episide

Welcome to our special edition of Buen Hombre Magnificent Mujer, “Que Viva Chicano Park Day”, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Chicano Park in 1970.  This week’s interview features Rigo Reyes. 

Our featured “Buen Hombre” this week is none other than Rigoberto Reyes of the Chicano Park Steering Committee, the Amigos Low Rider association, and the Via non profit working as an organizing force on border and humanitarian issues.

From lowriders to community activism, this Buen Hombre truly represents what Chicano Park is all about. Check out these links to the projects that Rigo mentions. Also we are asking listeners to check out all Chicano Park projects, led by the Chicano Park Steering Committee.

The links to organizations that he is involved with through Chicano Park are listed on this page at the right under resources.